WinFF is free video converter for Win Xp to Win 10, Debian, and Ubuntu. WinFF has been used around the world to help people post their videos on the internet despite repressive regimes.

WinFF 1.5.5 is mostly just a cleaned up and repacked winff 1.5.4 for possibly the final version.

For now (and maybe ever), I am going to be hosting winff on my personal site.

This maybe the final version of WinFF except for preset updates. The WinFF website is being retired after 10 years. Thanks to Paul Gevers, Ian Stoffberg, and all other contributers for all you have done.



Debian 1.5.5 Stable 

Ubuntu 1.5.5

WinFF Source - GitHub

WinFF 1.5.4 Portable Version

For other distributions please see your package manager or repository.

For help, please the Winff Google Group


  1. Thanks for a wonderful product over the years still use it today

  2. This is a brilliant app. Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating it. Thank you even more for making it freely available. Still using it. Much appreciated.