Chocolate Mint Wine

My first attempt at chocolate mint wine.

A real simple recipe for my first try. 5 quarts chocolate mint leaves, 10lbs cane sugar, ec-1118. SG 1.093 FG 1.015 10% abv

I steamed the mint leaves in a canner and left it till cool before opening to try and capture the chocolate taste. All my efforts were for not as my basement smelled like chocolate for a week. It tastes like it used to have chocolate in it. The mint was a bit strong, but really tasty. I think i'll just boil as usual for the leaves next time.

For this time i'm made up for the extra mint with extra chocolate. I was going to use 4oz cocoa powder but i used all 8oz. I also threw in a half pound of milk sugar and 5 campden tablets.

The mint grows fast from march till november, The leaves will grow back in a week after i pick them. If i can perfect this recipe, I can make it for $10. $20 for fancy yeast and cocoa. Will bottle Christmas eve


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