Brewing Blueberry Wine

Brewing wine isn't difficult with some straight forward steps.

You'll need:

5 gallon carboy (jug) plastic or glass.


Stopper or Bung for the carboy.

4 feet Plastic Tubing.

Strainer to fit the funnel. I used panty hose.

1 gallon glass jug or plastic milk jug. (you can even use a pot of water)

Plastic Airlock.

First, sanitize everything. I like bleach but you can also get other sanitizers.

Second, boil everything except yeast. I only have a 2 gallon pot. So, i had to repeat this three times.

With a slotted spoon, spoon out the blueberry skins.

Then soak the pan in cold water until cool.

Place a funnel on the carboy (5 gallon jug). Place a strainer on the funnel. I used panty hose (new ones ;) ).

Pour the blueberry must into the carboy.

repeat until all blueberries are boiled and cooled in the carboy.

Swish the carboy for 15 minutes to aerate the must.

When cooled below 80 degrees, add the yeast.

Attach a tube to a stopper or bung on the carboy.

Run the other end of the tube into a half a gallon of water in jug or pan.

Fermentation should begin with in 24 to 48 hours.

When Fermentation slows replace tubing with airlock.

Siphon into a clean carboy after 1 to 2 weeks. Again after a month. Again in 3 months.

Bottle and cork.


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