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WinFF 1.5 release

WinFF version 1.5 is released with lots of new features, and a very new ffmpeg. The best release of WinFF yet. Thanks to Ian Stoffberg and Paul Gevers for all their work. Download: Usability:  A lot of work has gone into making the application more friendly to users with visual impairments.  Ability to accommodate larger fonts, resizing the application, screen layouts have had much tweaking.  It’s clearly not perfect, but we are hoping that it results in a better experience for some of our users. Rotation: Video can be rotated using the ffmpeg Rotate Feature.  90 degree left and right rotation as well as vertical flip is included. MultiFormat output: A massive change is that every file in the queue can have a different output codecs.  You can add the same file multiple times to encode to different formats.  More info to follow on the website. Advanced Options per file: Every file can have different output options.  Now, when you