Reupholstering an old Recliner into a Gaming Chair

I reupholstered an old recliner to a gaming chair. It was originally a Lane Comfort Queen recliner that a dog sat in for a number of years. I added speakers, new faux leather, and thicker foam. Still a few things to do: finish the front of the arms, add bluetoothe, and bass shakers. Thanks to my Brother, Becky, and Beno for all their help.

From This:

To This:

To see all the pics from putting this together click:

Taking the chair apart:

Cleaning and Oiling the mechanism:

Removing staples:

The foot rest apart:

Installing crossovers and speaker wires in arms:

Putting foam on the arms:

Vinyl on the sides:

Felt on the back:

Foam on the back:

The finished back and foam on the seat:

Seat, Back and Foot Rest together:

Putting the Tweeters on the arms:

Woofers in the arms:

Beno in the chair:


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