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WinFF 1.0.3

Another quick update. Added Slovenian. Thanks to Martin Srebotnjak. also added a check for gnome-terminal to linux for non-debian gnome systems. On debian based system, winff will still use x-terminal-emulator.

WinFF 1.0.2

A quick update to winff. Added Hebrew and Greek Languages. Thanks to the translators. Added the hashbang to the linux script (#!/bin/sh). How did I ever miss that? let alone for a long time.

Windows 7

I installed the windows 7 rc1 yesterday. It's a lot faster than vista. Seems to be working very well. I had a couple hiccups with the sound driver, and some program installs, but all in all I like it a lot. WinFF seems to run just fine it. I'm running the 64 bit version and it runs in 32bit mode just fine. Well, so far anyways.