Neuros OSD

I got a Neuros OSD a couple days ago. It's a pretty cool little box.

It came with all the cables needed to hook it up. I also came with a very smart remote. It only took me a minute to hook everything up. I also hooked up my 160gb external hd.

As soon as it came up, it got on the net and updated it's self to the latest firmware. Once that was done, I was watching videos. It also found my windows shares on my desktop pc.

My favorite thing about it is that is linux based. There are already free programs for it. The first one I tried was an ftpserver. I installed it on the included 128mb cf card. It ran just fine. there are number of different projects already going. The audio player is a version of XMMS2. It even played my collections of FLAC's.

I  was able to log into it with telnet.  It gave me the ash shell. I felt at home very quickly. It's a small linux distro with quick access to the media cards and usb port. I haven't had time to try the c compiler, but i am certainly going to have to. They are currently working on a port of GCC.

It played youtube videos. The youtube viewer searched nicely, and worked well. I am going to have to look at changing the youtube viewer over to Steak and Cheese ;)

It isn't in hd, but i don't have an hd tv, so for me it was just great. It lets me play all of my internet videos straight on tv.

You can learn more about it at:


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