WinFF for Windows 10

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Tweaked a couple settings and fixed the mpeg4 720p and 10 presets for Windows 10.

WinFF Windows 10 Installer


WinFF moved from GoogleCode to GitHub

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GoogleCode is closing, so WinFF SVN & Repositories have been moved to


WinFF for BSD

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WinFF was ported to Free Bsd (Berkley Software Development) by Thierry Thomas.



WinFF 1.5.4

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WinFF 1.5.4 has been released. Thanks to Ian for all his work.

Unlimited files can be added. (I added 900)

Fixed some minor grammar mistakes.

Here are the downloads:

WinFF 1.5.4 (all windows version)

WinFF 1.5.4 64bit



Another 5 star review of WinFF

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WinFF 1.5.3

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WinFF 1.5.3 for win32 and win64 is released.

International characters support is greatly improved. Finally mpeg4 720p and 1080p presets. Lot of quirks removed.


WinFF 1.5.3 Windows Installer

WinFF 1.5.3 64bit Windows Installer



WinFF 1.5.2

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WinFF – Truly Free Video Converter

WinFF 1.5.2 is released for windows 32 and 64 bit.

Fixed a few bugs and added a few features:

updated ffmpeg-readme. issue 201
Ability to execute command before and after script
Save Displaycmdline state issue 163
fixed preview button not inserting ‘-t’ and ‘-s’
moved ‘-t’ from input to output as per ffmpeg warning
added ability to revert to 1.4 behavior


Windows Installer – All Versions

Windows 64 bit Installer


Increase Video Brightness With WinFF

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A tutorial to Increase Brightness with Winff.

Thanks to the Linux Mint Community. I tested it. It works on windows too. I should work on most linux distributions.


64 Bit windows version of WinFF

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I made up a 64 bit winff for windows today. Ofcourse it has a 64 bit version of ffmpeg.

Download WinFF 1.5 64-bit Windows Installer



WinFF 1.5 release

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WinFF version 1.5 is released with lots of new features, and a very new ffmpeg. The best release of WinFF yet. Thanks to Ian Stoffberg and Paul Gevers for all their work.


Usability:  A lot of work has gone into making the application more friendly to users with visual impairments.  Ability to accommodate larger fonts, resizing the application, screen layouts have had much tweaking.  It’s clearly not perfect, but we are hoping that it results in a better experience for some of our users.

Rotation: Video can be rotated using the ffmpeg Rotate Feature.  90 degree left and right rotation as well as vertical flip is included.
MultiFormat output: A massive change is that every file in the queue can have a different output codecs.  You can add the same file multiple times to encode to different formats.  More info to follow on the website.

Advanced Options per file: Every file can have different output options.  Now, when you make changes to advanced options, it gets saved per file in the queue.

Advanced Options: Extra Tab showing command lines to be used per file.  You can tweak them before executing.

Previews:  Only previews the highlighted file in the queue.
Added ctrl-A to the filelist and “select all” popup menu.

Much code clean-ups.  Removed dead code.
Windows version built with Lazarus 1.0

Fix issue 158: two bitrate settings in MP4 *screen
Fix issue 136 (preferences stores content) by calling createForm function on entry
also check for avconv when checking executables
Fixed: use source folders

Usability Changes
Add scrollBox to Presets form to allow all items to always stay reachable
Add scrollBoxes to Preferences form to allow all items to always stay reachable
Update language files for rework of Preferences
Rework preferences form – Renamed most items to give it names you can find back – Make sure that it behaves better when you start using different fonts – Fix for issue 136 needs prioritybox.Clear
Make all buttons honor the font size of the system

Updated Translations